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Autor Thema: AAPG-Patch Release Notes  (Gelesen 2152 mal)

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AAPG-Patch Release Notes
« : 09.04.2015 17:32:15 »

Americas Army 4


We just released a small patch to the game on Steam with the following changes:

    Players may no longer bind extra functions to the fire and sight-up commands
    Added a notification to the loading screen for when a long load may be required for rebuilding shaders (only applies to user made maps)
    Hammer icon in launcher to build shaders for each map replaced with words "BUILD" so it is easier to see and know what it does. (Can be found under Editor -> Manage) Building here prevents long load times when playing workshop maps for the first time and should be done after subscribing to a new map.
    Locked several ini variables players could manipulate to gain a visual advantage
    Fixed issue where it was sometimes possible to skip the M24's bolt cycle action
    Fixed an issue where it was possible to clone weapons when dropping them
    Fixed a crash on the M67 shoot house
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