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22.12.2018 15:05:27
Alle ssollte wieder wie gewohnt laufen... es hat mal wieder der Update-Teufel alles zerhauen... Grüße
21.12.2018 20:11:57
Im Moment ist wie ihr seht alles tot. Versuche rauszubekommen was da los ist.

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Autor Thema: Fun-Server for the map Bin_Laden  (Gelesen 2634 mal)

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Fun-Server for the map Bin_Laden
« : 31.07.2011 20:29:05 »

Today i installed a Fun-Server for the map Bin_Laden.


The Server is running in LAN mode and with MP-Cheats enabled, so you have to connect via IP. The command for this is (type into the console):


to play the map, you need to download the map


and put it into your ../americas army/Maps/ folder

If you want other maps, pls contact me and i will do my very best

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