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10.06.2021 10:15:49
Hi Rüpel, hoffe euch geht es gut und ihr habt noch viel Spass. Bitte lösche doch mal meinen account kriege immer noch e mails. Besten Dank
15.06.2020 08:28:33
@Ruepel Schade, denn ich habe die windows server files und auch die linux runtime, aber wenn ich deinen beitrag bei pbbans korrekt gelesen habe fehlen mir noch Briefings, staticmeshes und die textures dateien.
05.06.2020 14:47:10
Ich hab für linux nix mehr *
05.06.2020 14:46:49
was haste denn?
03.06.2020 13:58:57
Kann einer von eurem clan den Ruepel mal texten dass ich ihn mal sprechen kann*
02.05.2020 13:22:58
Dead site
23.04.2020 11:58:41
08.04.2020 07:31:04
Moin, Ich suche den Ruepel. Ist er immer noch bei euch? Ich habe einen Americas Army 2.8.5 server und brauche seine hilfe.
01.03.2020 13:03:20
Nix los hier! *
31.10.2019 17:46:57
Hallo * Jemand am COD spielen?
27.08.2019 18:02:01
Der Brainstorm. Du lebst *
16.08.2019 10:37:36
22.12.2018 15:05:27
Alle ssollte wieder wie gewohnt laufen... es hat mal wieder der Update-Teufel alles zerhauen... Grüße
21.12.2018 20:11:57
Im Moment ist wie ihr seht alles tot. Versuche rauszubekommen was da los ist.

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§1 Age
We only recruit people that are older than 18. Please only apply when you are 18 or older. In some Situations, younger people are allowed after a voting to join us.

§2 Conversation / Languages / Translations
We do attach high importance to a nice, honest and friendly conversation between all members as well as non-members. Our main language is english, pls try to translate all the stuff you post or you talk about into english. If you need help, ask another Member to translate. We got also an offi. "Translator", who will translate from english to german or german to english, pls help him/her. Pls use also in Teamspeak most of time english and ask, if something must be translated. All Members should know, what we are talking about.

§3 Interest
Everyone should be interested in our clan-community and show that by activity in the forums and teamspeak.

§4 Forum
Because our forum includes all important news, everyone should have a look at it, at least once a day.

§5 Secrets
Everything which is said and written clan-internal is to be kept secretly.

§6 Payment
All of our Members should donate 5€ per month. If one Member got no money, we need the word, to know it... we can handle all. Ask about paypal or other ways, to keep =]ES[= allive.

§7 Recruit-Membership
If there is a bad Playerhistory, there is no way to join our Clan. Usually recruit-membership lasts from four (4) to eight (8) weeks. Normaly we vote after 4 weeks. During this time we try to find out if we fit or not. Afterwards the clan decides if one will become a full-member or not. Experiences proved that such a long time is required to get to know eachother better.

§8 Clantag
It is everyone’s duty to use the =]ES[= Clantag in front of its nickname.

§9 Cheats’n’bugs
The use of cheats, other tools that manipulate a game, the change of files that do have influence on a game, as well as the use of bugs on purpose, are strictly forbidden. If someone will use some Cheats, he will get the door shown.

§10 Discipline on other Game- / Teamspeak servers

It is prohibited for every =]ES[= clanmember to behave inappropriate on our or other game- or Teamspeakservers. That means: DO NOT insult admins or players. DO NOT badmouth about other servers or clans in public. DO NOT accuse other players to be cheaters and DO NOT insult them in public. DO NOT advertise our server or our clan while playing on other servers and DO NOT poach other clanplayers to join our clan. These rules apply also for other websites or blogs. Any problems should be clarified with our clanleaders to find a suitable solution.

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