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10.06.2021 10:15:49
Hi Rüpel, hoffe euch geht es gut und ihr habt noch viel Spass. Bitte lösche doch mal meinen account kriege immer noch e mails. Besten Dank
15.06.2020 08:28:33
@Ruepel Schade, denn ich habe die windows server files und auch die linux runtime, aber wenn ich deinen beitrag bei pbbans korrekt gelesen habe fehlen mir noch Briefings, staticmeshes und die textures dateien.
05.06.2020 14:47:10
Ich hab für linux nix mehr *
05.06.2020 14:46:49
was haste denn?
03.06.2020 13:58:57
Kann einer von eurem clan den Ruepel mal texten dass ich ihn mal sprechen kann*
02.05.2020 13:22:58
Dead site
23.04.2020 11:58:41
08.04.2020 07:31:04
Moin, Ich suche den Ruepel. Ist er immer noch bei euch? Ich habe einen Americas Army 2.8.5 server und brauche seine hilfe.
01.03.2020 13:03:20
Nix los hier! *
31.10.2019 17:46:57
Hallo * Jemand am COD spielen?
27.08.2019 18:02:01
Der Brainstorm. Du lebst *
16.08.2019 10:37:36
22.12.2018 15:05:27
Alle ssollte wieder wie gewohnt laufen... es hat mal wieder der Update-Teufel alles zerhauen... Grüße
21.12.2018 20:11:57
Im Moment ist wie ihr seht alles tot. Versuche rauszubekommen was da los ist.

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The Clan "Elite-Shooters" =]ES[= was established on June 17th 2009.

Before this foundation we were members of the "Tactical-Shooters” =]TS[=Clan, but in that Clan we were not able to develop our team the way we wanted it. It was an America's Army Squad comprised of mostly German speaking players that had some problems with communicating with its International, Non-German speaking members. The fact alone, you can imagine that it was hard for some of the America's Army Squad to feel welcome as part of the whole clan.

That was one of the major reasons that lead its International members to become a self-dependent bunch of International friends that would develop into a new diverse, but friendly clan.

One week before the official establishment of our clan, our Clan Leader “Ruepel” started his work on the creation of a new homepage, while simultaneously taking interest in finding the right provider for our game servers, web space, Teamspeak, and many other things that would support the clan. All this support would be essential for a clan’s professional standing within the America’s Army gaming community.

After all important preparations were completed, all of the original =]ES[= Clan members left the =]TS[= clan. Other International members that didn't follow went their own way and decided to play outside of the clan. Today those former members still join us on Teamspeak and play on our game servers.

At this point we want to thank =]TS[= for the good times we spent together and hope to maintain friendly contact while continuing to play together in the future.

In the beginning during the founding of our clan establishment, we counted a total of 18 members. This number increased within the next 3 days to a total of 21 members. We have gotten used to the new situation and had to organize some things, we also lost some buddies along the way. Through all these trials and tests we still continue to maintain a friendly professional manner that draws new members quickly within our ranks. We are proud and take pride in the level of growing professionalism that we have been able to stabilize within this rapidly growing Clan.

The name "Elite-Shooters" was chosen collectively by all of us. The clan logo itself is in the style of our old clan and continues to evolve into a more independent image of our members.

Our members are all over 18 and in an average a little older, this is what makes us mature enough to understand that our member’s world doesn't exist around a PC and continuously playing. In other words...”ALL” our members have a real life with families, jobs, etc. In other words, we are a Clan consisting of members that are here to have fun and not to show off how good we might "own" you :-). This mental maturity can be experienced on our Teamspeak and can occasionally lead to some funny evenings together with friends without the crying over spilled milk in the form of missed kills or points. It is our goal to continue playing together and with others while having fun within the great America’s Army gaming clan community.

Nowadays our Clan is playing America's Army 2.8.5 & the new AA3 version successfully. We own and maintain honor servers for each of these games.

We are also open for other games and we would be ready to invest into other servers if needed or asked for. When a small group of players (also non-=]ES[=) would like to expand, we are open to endorsing you with our name completely.

In closing, we want to thank our friends from the =WaW= Clan for their enormous support during our first days by providing us channels on their Teamspeak and homepage for our establishment. We also thank for their fast assistance on configuring the servers and webspace.

Edit 17.06.2010 to our first Birthday

Today, one year after we started this clan, we can say, that we did nothing wrong. It was a great year for us and we recruit many new members into our clan, some stay, other leave but after looking back to the last year, we can say, that we grow up.

Today we count 32 members and it looks like, that this will going up.

Lets do the same in the future on the world wide gameservers.... HOOAH !!!

last edit: 17/06/2010