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For quite some time there has been no update on anything related to ArmA 3.

To sum it up:
=]ES[= currently runs two ArmA 3 servers, both of them stuffed with mods (not necessarily activated).
At present we have many ArmA 3 owners but few ArmA 3 players.
So the servers are configured to the likes of few.

Server 1:
Name:             =]ES[= - elite-shooters (CBA_A3, ACE 3, TFAR)
Slots:              64
Mods/Mission: CBA_A3, ACE 3, TFAR / Antistasi
Restart cycle:  8h

Server 2:
Name:             W.I.P.
Slots:              ?
Mods/Mission: Exile / Exile
Restart:           -


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