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10.06.2021 10:15:49
Hi Rüpel, hoffe euch geht es gut und ihr habt noch viel Spass. Bitte lösche doch mal meinen account kriege immer noch e mails. Besten Dank
15.06.2020 08:28:33
@Ruepel Schade, denn ich habe die windows server files und auch die linux runtime, aber wenn ich deinen beitrag bei pbbans korrekt gelesen habe fehlen mir noch Briefings, staticmeshes und die textures dateien.
05.06.2020 14:47:10
Ich hab für linux nix mehr *
05.06.2020 14:46:49
was haste denn?
03.06.2020 13:58:57
Kann einer von eurem clan den Ruepel mal texten dass ich ihn mal sprechen kann*
02.05.2020 13:22:58
Dead site
23.04.2020 11:58:41
08.04.2020 07:31:04
Moin, Ich suche den Ruepel. Ist er immer noch bei euch? Ich habe einen Americas Army 2.8.5 server und brauche seine hilfe.
01.03.2020 13:03:20
Nix los hier! *
31.10.2019 17:46:57
Hallo * Jemand am COD spielen?
27.08.2019 18:02:01
Der Brainstorm. Du lebst *
16.08.2019 10:37:36
22.12.2018 15:05:27
Alle ssollte wieder wie gewohnt laufen... es hat mal wieder der Update-Teufel alles zerhauen... Grüße
21.12.2018 20:11:57
Im Moment ist wie ihr seht alles tot. Versuche rauszubekommen was da los ist.

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Autor Thema: AA4 Update released  (Gelesen 2346 mal)

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AA4 Update released
« : 13.09.2013 18:50:15 »


A few moments ago the Devs released a huge Update for Americas Army Proving Grounds.

Its size is around 1GB.

What was fixed can be found here:
« Letzte Änderung: 14.09.2013 08:15:42 von Ruepel™ »



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Re: AA4 Update released
« Antwort #1 : 14.09.2013 07:37:39 »
And if you dont want to switch to the site, read it here  :laugh:

great stuff by the way

09.13.2013 Release Notes - Build 97451


Rank should no longer reset after you exit the game - if it does, lets us know
No VOIP on connection to server fixed
Hardcore mode HUD no longer displays scoring events and coins awarded
The player health & ammo widget is set to "fading" when Hardcore mode is enabled
The widget appears only when damage is taken, when bleeding, when reloading or throw a grenade
Hitting the reload key will make it appear, even if no reload is required

Summary   Resolution
"LOADOUT" ghost text on pre-round screen   Fixed
(AAJR) - Create third-person textures for all updated weapon meshes   Fixed
(AAJR) - Fix lightmaps on wood wall pieces   Fixed
(AAJR) - Update textures on ELCAN optic   Fixed
(AAJR) - Update textures on M14 Rifle   Fixed
(AAJR) - Update textures on M249 machine gun   Fixed
(AAJR) - Update textures on M68 Red-Dot optic   Fixed
(AAJR) - Update textures on Remington Shotgun   Fixed
3P orbit camera clips into pawn   Fixed
AAJR: Going sighted while sprinting looks bad while holding M9   Fixed
AAR press "Tab" to view scoreboard does not update with key bindings   Fixed
Ammo bag doesn't match hand in 3P M249 reloads   Fixed
Animation: Fidgets don't look random enough   Fixed
Are you really out of Ammo????   Fixed
BDX_Shadowstep can fall through sandbag!   Cannot Reproduce
Bodies fly into the air if they are killed while getting up from being revived   Fixed
Breach - Spawn barrier sticks around during warmup mode   Fixed
Breach - countdown fence while in warmup   Fixed
Breach wall glitch   Cannot Reproduce
Bridge - Able to get stuck   Fixed
Bridge - Character Lighting is incorrect   Fixed
Bridge under map glitch   Fixed
Can Shoot through hole in wall on bridge and cracks in downtown   Fixed
Character Patch material mask   Fixed
Deploy Mission Info Sometimes shows Incorrect attack or defend after swap   Fixed
Develop and implement more recognizable activate objective audio   Fixed
Disarm Sound does not cease immediately when disarming player dies   Fixed
Downtown - Feet clip through A/C vent on defender side of the blue building   Cannot Reproduce
Downtown - Floating in air attack sniper spot   Cannot Reproduce
Enemy Spotted - Please reduce the initial duration of enemy spotted   Fixed
Flash the health number when bleeding at low health   Fixed
Game reports name changes when players connect on steam   Fixed
HUD - Secure Message vanishes too quickly   Fixed
Hardcore - When server is set to hardcore some settings are incorrect   Fixed
Heartbeat Plays at Incorrect Times   Fixed
Hospital - Geometry fades out too early   Fixed
Hospital - wheelchair culls out while still visible   Fixed
Hospital = Able to shoot through the frames of the bullet proof glass   Fixed
Hospital Exterior, Can't Fire through Exfil Flag Area   Fixed
I can see the big white cross, like being revived, but my reviver was killed while doing that. The big white cross stays on my screen, while the round is not finished   Fixed
If you tab out of the game in windows and click back in it during the loading screen it is EXTREMELY loud   Fixed
Loadout Screen - Hitting ENTER does not confirm   Fixed
M14 Scope Does not appear sometimes when 1p spectating   Fixed
Move the no more revives and secure messages to the High Importance Banner   Fixed
On warmup in Breach, the SW spawn barrier remains in place.   Fixed
Outer Hospital south stairs   Fixed
Player swaps to pistol after activate   Fixed
Reticules - Chevron reticule is overly ornate   Fixed
Revive on headshot turned off..can still spectate, communicate!   Fixed
STX Tutorial - Can skip obstacles   Fixed
STX Tutorial - Enemy ragdolls after being spotted   Fixed
STX Tutorial - Not throwing grenade eliminates target   Fixed
Scramble teams Doesnt Scramble Well   Fixed
Server Crash - runaway loop   Fixed
Server Crash when in Hardcore mode   Fixed
Server log line: CHEATS ARE ENABLED   Fixed
Shot Rejected when player is Anchored   Fixed
Slow down when throwing any type Smoke, flash or nade.   Fixed
Spawn Block in Single Player   Fixed
Spectator - weapon parts missing   Fixed
Stuck in slow sprint if you start sprinting immediately after firing   Fixed
Training course map exploration bug   Fixed
Tutorial - Bullet tracers not lining up with gun fire   Fixed
Tutorial - Floating shell casings while anchored   Cannot Reproduce
Tutorial - Text disappears when you get too close   Fixed
Tutorial - When pistol should be given to player in tutorial   Cannot Reproduce
UI - Player names with quotes don't appear correctly   Fixed
VOIP Bug   Fixed
WarmUp - Pawn cannot change loadout while in WarmUp Mode   Fixed
When reloading the shotgun the shells are not visible.   Fixed
bridge get in tires   Fixed
can go through green curtain in south alley, downtown   Fixed
incorrect voip hud icon and color for secured players   Fixed
kicked from server every other round   Fixed
reload animation with m870 while pawn is prone causes alien man, and eventually quasimodo man   Fixed

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