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Kick- and Banreasons (ENGLISH)


We are asking you to read and understand the following.
Our admins are able to kick and to ban, but they will always warn first.

Reasons for kicking can be:
•   Insulting other players (we appreciate a nice acquaintance in general)
•   Intentional teamkills (if you have problems with someone else, please contact an admin)
•   Violating server rules (rules are written in the forums and are shown every 15 minutes on the server)
•   Endless discussions with members and admins (we are actually playing to have fun)
•   Need of room for members or friends (obviously)
•   Someone doesn’t accept team switch (we will never ask someone to switch without reason)
•   Since it’s getting more and more difficult to distinguish between „normal“ and „strange“ players, we decided to kick for black screenshots also.
•   Etc. (situational reasons )

Before Kicking, everyone get warned at least twice. You have the chance to come back and keep on „normal playing“

Reasons to kick or ban (duration is dependant on admin‘s decision but usually about 10 min):

•   mentioned reasons are still valid after reconnect to server

The time ban will be set without warning, to let you think about it. Therefore play fair after the kick.

You won’t be banned. If you kindly ask for the reason for the kick, you will get an answer, of course. And no worries, you won’t be banned just for asking.

Reasons to kick/ban (including MAX/IP/GUID ban without warning)
•   Insulting of ADMIN or =]ES[=MEMBER (noob, camper or such things are not included)

In such a case, there’s no need of explanation. If you want to talk about it, come to our forums or to Teamspeak. PW: 4546
We won’t omit any complaint but deal with it and we’re open to critizism unless it is inappropriate.

Keep in mind, also admins can be wrong sometimes (even if it is seldom ;) and the friendly acquaintance is always the best solution.
If you have a question or complaint, it would be nice if you could add a screenshot to identify probable misbehaviour.

If you re on any banlist such as ACI, PBBans, GGC etc., your complaint will be closed. We do not accept any excuses. This includes also playing with any other accounts you possess.
We usually check already while playing, when you seem to play fishy in some way. You will be banned automatically if there’s anything in your player history. Requests for unbanning can be done in our forums.
And always keep in mind: Every appeal, complaint and request is to be done in a polite way. If you can’t stick to friendly manners, you will be banned in the forums and your ban on server will stay.

Please state the following information with every request:
players name


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